Meet the STAR 991 Brain Trust Team

Watch our team show off some of their favorite projects they’ve created for clients.

Sean Isaacs

Sean is a marketing specialist, sales professional, speaker, songwriter, singer, recording artist and pastor.   Sean specializes in helping businesses improve their image, attract more customers, increase sales, and grow their bottom line.  Much of Sean’s knowledge, skills, and insight have come from his 20+ years of experience in Sales and Marketing.  Sean’s specialties include anything to do with marketing online or offline.  “Marketing for me is everything!  It is advertising, promotions, sales, customer service and it’s even the way you answer your phone.”

Carol Friedman

Carol is a sales professional, speaker, training specialist and an expert in all things customer service.  “The ability to understand a customer’s need and educate them on all options available to them is an integral part of providing exceptional customer service.  Client retention is based on the ability to build, develop and maintain positive relationships.”  Carol honed her skills with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and customer service working with Fortune 100 companies.  Carol developed training programs for 10+ years in the insurance, airline, financial and direct sales markets.

Courtney Dee

Courtney witnessed the world of advertising defined numerous ways over the years.  With over 20 years of marketing and business experience, her view is simple.  “Tell people who you are, what you do and why they should trust you.  Then, tell them again and again.  Business growth is not about blasting the airwaves when you are experiencing a business lull or an anniversary.  It’s about providing consistent product, consistent customer service and consistent efforts to remind the marketplace about your irresistible offers and guarantees to deliver.”

Ed Ables

For over 40 years, Ed has helped hundreds of businesses promote their brand, generate revenue and increase market share by the strategic use of radio advertising.  “The only thing that counts in advertising is what you say times the number of times you say it.”  Ed serves his clients by educating on what a warm call is and how to make them on the ears of loyal listeners by creating specialized campaigns. “Despite the large number of newer media choices for advertisers, radio strongly retains its reach and its relevance to local businesses who wish to build a franchise for their brand.”

Lorraine Shaw

Lorraine has over 40 years of sales and marketing experience with the last 8 years focused on radio. Lorraine helps businesses find solutions to their marketing problems. Lorraine helped many nonprofit organizations as well as Fortune 500 Companies exceed their revenue goals.  “Throughout my career I have been focused on business development efforts for my clients and have been considered a trusted partner in their business growth.  Helping businesses with all avenues of growth including company branding, marketing, increasing foot traffic and website traffic is my passion and expertise.”